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Increased freedom

The natural Resource Use Program is the ideal choice if you want to work within the field of natural resource in the future. If you choose us you will get an education which many students experience as unique. Perhaps that feeling arises since every day is filled with meetings between people, animals and nature. Or from the fact that the theoretical knowledge you get will be put into practise the very same day. Or that you learn things that will never be out of date. 
Regards to nature, ecology and evolution permeates all teaching. The National Resource Use Program lasts for three years and qualifies you for university studies. You can choose from six different areas of study: horticulture/gardening, animal care, animal care in animal parks and tropical facilities, agriculture, horse breeding, forestry and transports. Adult education exists on both basic level and as further education for those who has already acquired a basic education within any national resource use area.

What profession do you choose?

A natural resource use education is wide and many doors will be open for you when you leave school. The different kinds of education lead to a great deal of different occupations and in many cases qualifies you for further education at colleges and universities. In some areas you will also be ready to start your own business after having finished your studies. 

Two schools – seven main areas

The Östergötland Natural Resource Use Program is comprised of two schools; Himmelstalunds utbildningscentrum in Norrköping and Vreta utbildningscentrum in Vreta Kloster just outside the city of Linköping. Each school has its own specialty. At Himmelstalunds utbildningscentrum the main areas are; horticulture/gardening animal care and animal care in animal parks and tropical facilities. At Vreta utbildningscentrum the main areas are; agriculture, forestry, horse breeding and transports.
If you enjoy nature, you will like us!
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